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[Vegan]dinner and movie?

I may have swallowed too much toothpaste as a kid, but I have this issue (among many other issues I can’t entirely blame on flouride): I spend an hour, maybe two, making this super healthy, super creative vegan meal, and then by the time it’s done…

I’m not hungry anymore.

Not even hungry enough to have a little. I’m a negative amount of hungry. And I don’t eat anything while I’m cooking, either. Maybe if I had to lose weight, cooking would be a good tactic. So maybe we all need to hang out and eat the food I make. Because the dinner I made (and didn’t eat) looks scrumptious.

Thanks to garlic, I’ve also realized that I am not a fancy person. A lot of recipes call for garlic cloves, and the closest I have is garlic salt and powder. Perhaps I should buy some garlic…

Anyway, here’s food:

Fruit salad (plum, watermelon, canteloupe, cherry, apple, blueberry, doughnut peach)

What I love about fruit salads is that you can literally put anything in them. I was halfway considering putting carrots in this, but I decided not to for the sake of texture. It’s a ridiculously easy way to get a whole mess of nutrients and make sure that you’re eating fruits of all different colors. If you’re wary about trying a new fruit, toss it in a fruit salad with fruits you like! This will disguise the flavor and texture to an extent, so you get over your fear of inanimate produce. If you’ve got some fruit going bad, fruit salads are handy. This is a pretty large salad, so I’m good on breakfast and snacks for at least the next two days, and that’s another helpful thing: I have healthy, ready-to-eat snacks on hand instead of staring at the fridge and missing cheese (as an aside, I’ve been craving bread for the past week. The entire week, every day). Being vegan feels daunting because all the meals and snacks are advertised as requiring preparation and fresh garlic cloves and squirts of fresh lime, and this misconception, while not entirely inaccurate, is really a misunderstanding. A lot of the things you ate [eat] before you went [go] vegan are still options: fruits and veggies? Yup. Ice cream? Not the dairy stuff, but take your pick of coconut, almond, cashew or soy. Being vegan isn’t difficult; people who are vegan just like to show off.

Sauetted broccoli rabe

If you’ve never had broccoli rabe, stop whatever you’re doing and get some. I’ll wait to hear about the highway accidents on the news. It seems strange and a little complicated to prepare at first, but it’s actually really easy to do and so yummy. It tastes really healthy, too. It’s so simple to prepare that  I can just post the instructions here without having to hyperlink anything.This process is called blanchingfor the record.

  1. Cut off all of the non-leafy stems of the rabe.
  2. Prep a large pot of boiling, “well-salted” water and a “well-salted” ice bath (the site I used said “well-salted,” but you don’t want to make it too salty. I’m honestly not sure what the salt does here; maybe flavor? For the ice bath I just filled the small sink in the kitchen with ice and put in some ice cubes to save a bowl.
  3.  Cook the greens in the boiling water for one minute (just one!).
  4. Immediately (the word immediately scared me when I was doing this) transfer the greens to the ice bath and wait till they cool. When you take the greens out of the boiling water, the water in the pot will be a brownish color (not saying you’re doing something wrong if the water isn’t this color; I just thought I should make note of that here).
  5. Take the greens out of the ice bath and squeeze the water out.

And you’re done! They’re technically considered cooked now, and you can either eat them as is (they’re really yummy), or you can sauette them, or line your cat’s litter box with them. Easy, right? The guy who sold them to me (“watcha buyin’ stranga’?”) told me that blanching them removes the bitter flavor and that they’re also good on sandwiches.

Baked squash with tomato, green peppers, baby carrots, celery and bread crumbs

This is the bigun. Here’s the recipe for this.  Mine looks nowhere this pretty, but it’s the summer and my hair is always oily because I’m sweating so much all the time and have anxiety issues so get over it.

*ahem. Excuse me. It’s just that my hair has been oily most of the time because it has been hot most of the time, and even though it’s short now, I’m really considering shaving it all off again. This issue has just been bothering me the past two weeks, and I needed to vent.

I honestly lost my train of thought.

Ah, there it is. Choo-choo, little train.

Like I’ve said before, squash notoriously goes bad in my house from neglect. BUT, I looked up how to store it correctly, and even though it’s been a week since I put it in the fridge and forgot about it, it was just as fresh and firm as the day I bought it. Phew.

Even though I didn’t eat it yet, I’m super excited to try it.

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The Cute Little Vegan Wrap on Hipster Street

If there are any constant things in life, it’s that the internet never works when you need it to, and that I’ll eat everything in a ten mile radius after a workout.

Not everything, but it’s more of a mindlessly-consume-nutrients-kinda-thing.


I’m chronically late for everything, so a lunch sandwich became breakfast.

Vegan wrap (hummus, cous cous, avocado, zuchinni, cucumbers, etc?)

Over-priced hipster cafes are your ambigiously wealthy friend. They almost always have either vegan food, gluten-free food, or a combination of both. It’s a little expensive, but they always have a nice atmosphere. The wrap I got was super yummy, and only has a question mark in the list of ingredients because I didn’t bother to remember all of it’s contents.

Bean salad (navy beans, black-eyed peas, tomato, green pepper, lime juice, olive oil)

It’s attack of the leftovers.

Tomato pie 

It was spinach! Hooray!

Sunrype fruit strip

I’m only putting this on here because it was vegan and had some fruit on the wrapper. And it has 11 grams of sugar. It was free, so meh.

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Beans, beans, the magical fruit.

Are beans a fruit? If they’re magical, I guess they can be anything they want.

I’ve been thinking about this blog and how I said I would only post about foods that were interesting. I realized that that’s not the point of this blog: the point is to show a daily vegan diet, repetition or not. On the bright side, I’ve acquired all these new, fun veggies, so maybe it won’t be so repetitive!

On to the food!

Peach and blueberries

It may just be my childish, youthful spirit, but for some reason the only real way I can eat fruit is if it’s cut up. I use all of the fruit, so I’m not wasting anything. In fact, when I try to eat fruit whole, I waste more than if I just cut it up and ate it. Eating a whole peach just seems so messy and sticky, and this may just be me, but the skin of a watermelon is damn near impossible to pierce with my teeth, not to mention I just can’t get my mouth around it. Ugh.


There are a surprising amount of things that you can still eat when you’re vegan, and PB&J sandwiches are one of those things. Yummy!

Greens with chick peas, navy beans, black-eyed peas, green peppers, tomato, celery, carrots,  olives, and a squirt of lime

One of the easiest ways to make sure you get the nutrients you need is just to put a whole bunch of stuff into a salad. This especially works if you think you’ve undercooked your navy beans a little, and if you have a tendency to forget about vegetables in your refrigerator. If you toss ’em all into a salad,  you’re using them before they just rot and become waste. Just make sure your salad doesn’t go bad!

A note on using salad dressing: sauces and dressing can really, really ruin a healthy meal.  A lot of commerical salad dressings have either a lot of sodium, sugar or both. Try to avoid using them (we only really have french and bleu cheese, so that wasn’t an issue for me). Try using some lime juice or olive oil, or even try making your own salad dressing.

Bean salad (navy beans, black-eyed peas, green pepper, tomato, lime juice and olive oil) with a pickle and slice of white bread

I know, I know. White bread? You’re probably asking aloud to your computer, most likely from the state hospital you’ve been committed to because you kept talking to your computer. The pickle probably wasn’t too healthy, either, but they both added flavor to the salad. If you do make your own bean salad, a toasted slice of whole wheat bread goes really well with the salad, and if you want to have that pickle, you have that pickle. 

Tomato pie

This is, again, just a pizza without cheese. There is usually basil on it, but I didn’t put in the order this time, and the green stuff on top of it vaguely tasted like spinach. Which I’m totally cool with-basil tastes too perfumey for me, and having whole leaves of it on a pie just really puts me out of the mood. And there was a lot of green stuff. I only had once slice, so only time will tell.

I just really, really hope it’s spinach…


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Shop local? More like yes.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh. My. Gosh. People.

I know I haven’t been posting food logs lately, and I’m super sorry about that. It’s been an icky past few days, and I honestly don’t think I’ve been eating that much (we haven’t had a lot of produce in the house, so starving might be a factor).

Before I start off the food log (which is pretty short, only a few things. I’ve been slacking), I just want to talk about shopping locally. A few people in my town recently opened a produce store, and that’s pretty awesome considering I live in a swamp town that’s only punctuation is an airport. Even better, they’re super cheap, and I’m friends with their daughter (which doesn’t make it any cheaper, but it’s the principle of the thing). My sister and I took a walk there for the first time, and let me tell you.

It was magical.

For a grand total of $12, we hauled away

A head of broccoli rabe

Two tomatoes 

A container of donut peaches the guy gave us for free (his name is Ryan. For his kindess I am naming him on my blog. I’m looking out for you, Ryan).

One canteloupe

Two summer squashes

Three limes

A bunch of asparagus

A bunch of celery

Three tangerines

Four plums

Four apples

Wow, doesn’t bolding that emphasize my point? I’m so good at this. I should start a blog. So many people will like it. And I’m not even sure that’s everything. He even offered us some fresh basil from a cute little basil plant he had growing, but I’m really bad with using and storing basil. I geeked out, big time. Now I won’t starve! I can eat so much! Not to mention I just cooked navy beans, black-eyed peas and brown rice for ready-to-eat food. (I threw together the beans and some other veggies to make a bean salad, too). I can eat so much food. So. Much. Food. I’m so excited to try out the broccoli rabe, and I love asparagus so much I replaced the muscles in my arm with it so that it could be a permanent part of me. It’s going to be a great next few days.

In other news, I tried cooking amaranth again…maybe I’m doing something wrong? Maybe the souls of ancient Aztecs don’t like my tattoos, so they’re making sure my amaranth never turns out? Honestly, it’s a little discouraging. I’m going to try letting the grains soak overnight and then cook them, but I’m getting tired of dumping out mushy, undercooked amaranth. If anybody’s got any tips to help out, or if they know a good John Constantine-like fellow who can exorcise the spirits that are following me around, give me a shout out. And if you’re running into the same issues, let me know that, too! We can cry together.

Anyway, food time. I’ve only got a few (read: three) things on the list, so it’s probably not worth listing it off. But hey, like I said: ginldgndlf! The food logs are going to be getting a lot more interesting, I promise.

The best thing I’ve had was the yummy salad I had for lunch. It consisted of greens, green pepper, tomato, chick peas, navy beans, black-eyed peas, carrots, celery, and a little squirt of fresh lime. 

It feels so good to read that and know I actually ate that. I’m so proud of myself. This is what is so great about shopping local: you can get all of this stuff on a regular basis! Now, if you don’t have an affordable produce market that’s only five blocks away, don’t sweat the “squirt of fresh lime” nonsense. In fact, don’t worry about that at all. I know reading things like that on blogs and in cookbooks is really intimidating and discouraging. What? Oh, no. This person keeps fresh lime just as a garnish? I’m nowhere near that fancy. I know how you’re feeling, trust me, but like I said, don’t worry about all that. While it’s nice, and it may make your dishes (even saying dishes makes it seem like I’m a professional, and I’m really not to be trusted, although that’s very flattering) a little healthier, don’t get hung up on limes. As long as your vegan diet is keeping you healthy and happy, go at your own pace and do your own thing. This whole lime thing is probably going to only last a few days, anyway. But probably not. I mean, $12? Even I can afford that, and I’m just a 20-year-old college student.

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I think I’ll just eat ice cream for the rest of my life.

It’s become apparent that I eat waaay less food than I thought I did. I’m looking at my log, and I’ve only eaten a few things today. A few days ago, I ate even less. Hm. Interesting…

So my food intake for the past 48 hours or so has really just consisted ofChinese food, left over Chinese food, and So Delicious cashew milk ice cream. 

But let me tell you about this ice cream.

It was really yummy. Better than dairy ice cream, actually. It comes in so many different flavors, you’ll be glad you went vegan. I had snickerdoodle and my god, it was delicious.

But I seriously need to eat more.

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Keeping a blog is challenging

I mean, you have to write on it every day, and do other things in the meantime like read, and eat food, and hang out with friends, and write other things!

I tell ya’.

But to level with you, I’ve been cheating these past couple days. I’ve had pizza (twice) and birthday cake, not to mention a milkshake. But I want to take this post to talk about cheating on your vegan diet- it’s okay. It’s not like in Scott Pilgrim where there are vegan police who will take away your vegan privileges. Going vegan is a serious learning curve, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to break off your relationship with animal-based products in one day. Go at your own pace, and don’t beat yourself up because you had that yummy Oreo Cheesecake milkshake!

I haven’t been keeping much of a substantial log, either, but yesterday I think I only had…three things to eat? Four? My blood sugar wasn’t happy with me. Here’s what I have down (and FYI: I’ll start only putting down new/interesting things I’ve eaten, unless the redundancy has a point):


I always thought of saying “peaches” in a thick, southern accent, like she’s a stripper or something. Peaches. 

Trail mix

But this one is different and so awesome! It has gogi berries, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, and almond slices! Right? Gogi berries (I keep on almost writing bears instead of berries) take a little getting used to, and cacao nibs are a little bitter, but this mix is still a real winner. This also got dropped on the floor so more than half the container is gone, but whatever. It’s just too good for this world.

Veggie burger with cole slaw, lettuce, tomato, onion and relish

My college had a cookout and their veggie burgers are. de. lic. ious.

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Do we have to role play as bees to eat this?

Look! More food!

Cheerios and flax seed in almond milk

Remember to grind up your flax seed!

Corn flakes in almond milk

I had ten minutes to eat breakfast, so no flax seed.

Bowl o’ cherries and blueberries

Make sure you get a regular intake of fruits and vegetables that are a part of the rainbow, and don’t be afraid to try for more exotic produce. Different colors of cherries also have different levels of healthy stuff, so don’t forget to do your research. Rainier cherries are the white-ish kind, which have been bred for aesthetics more than nutrition, but they do have a creamier texture and taste.

Trail mix

I’ve been eating trail mix essentially every day because I purchased a pretty large bag of it. I’m planning on making my own, since standard trail mixes arereeeally salty. While that really actually helps curb the cravings for potato chips and other salty snacks, it probably isn’t all that good for you.

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Bowl o’ cherries and watermelon

I’ve been working through a container of cherries I bought at a farmer’s market. I’m actually running out, so I’ll have to get more soon so you all can keep reading the word cherries.

Tomato pie

It’s essentially pizza without the cheese, and it’s surprisingly yummy. I could go for one now, actually. I got it from the pizza place around the corner from mi casa, so I’m betting that the crust isn’t vegan, but that’s alright (the tomatoes probably weren’t either. Or the basil. Wow. Where do I even live?)

Vegan tomato sandwich

Hey, look at that- two tomato-related foods in a row. Look at me go. I should start a blog. A tomato sandwich is essentially just tomato slices and mayo on bread, but in this case I used the vegan mayo I made with tofu (directions in my first food log) instead of regular mayo.



Steamed potatoes with carrots, peas, corn, broccoli, vegan mayo and vegan cheese.

I was going for a vegan baked potato, but then I saw that we were having mixed veggies, so it turned into a bit of a hodge podge. The mayo acted as a sour cream, and it actually worked pretty well. The vegan cheese was, well…you know.

Brown rice with tofu and honey

Weird, right? The tofu was for extra protein, and the honey was to make it less sad. It was actually pretty interesting, but I was also just very, very hungry. I’ll do some research into fun ways to eat brown rice and let you all know.

Mexican veggie quinoa

A Jaco just opened near my college, and it has a drive-thru-walk-in-window-whatever! Jaco is a juice and taco bar, hence the name. Anyway, the bowl has quinoa, black beans, corn, tomatoes and cilantro. It also originally came with cotija cheese, but I just asked for no cheese. Jaco has a surprising amount of vegetarian and vegan options (and a crazy juice list that you simply must check out!).

Baco (from Jaco)

So a baco is one of those crazy juices I was talking about from Jaco. It consists of OJ, carrot and ginger, and it. Was. Scrumptious. They’re a little on the pricey side, but you can even get chia seeds and bee pollen in your juice. “What? Bee pollen?” you’re probably asking right now, but you’re probably not really doing that (although if you really loved me you would. Go ahead. The post will be here, waiting). Anyway, bee pollen is a good source of natural energy for us humans, among other things. It comes in these dry-tasting little yellow pellets. I usually put it in cereal along with flax seeds and chia seeds. Here’s a brief article about it. You can usually buy it from natural markets, stores that sell vitamins, and certain farmer’s markets, depending on the vendor. If super foods are sold somewhere, that certain somewhere probably carries bee pollen.