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HOW TO: Not Use Plastic Utensils

When you think of barbecues and eating out, the last thing you want to think about is saving on plastic.

It’s so easy to just use that plastic McDonald’s fork in its plastic wrap, and to just throw it away when you’re done. But there is an even easier, plastic-free way.

Meet the Realtree Camper Tool. It’s advertised for camping use (hence the name), but I carry one in my purse for when I eat while I am out. It’s so handy, and people are actually really impressed with the novelty of it. It’s really funny to watch people get excited about this thing. I gave a presentation at my college about waste, and everyone was so amused by it. I’m not exaggerating. It was like a celebrity. This is also really handy when I get frozen yogurt or ice cream with friends, instead of using the plastic spoons they give you. I got mine from Boscov’s, but you can order yours online (see hyperlink above).


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