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HOW TO: Bread? Yes. How to bread.

Those poor plastic bread bags. So misunderstood, so underappreciated. Nobody thinks to try to recycle these guys, and they’re plastic bags. For shame.

When you’re grocery shopping, try to aim for the artisan breads in the bakery. “What? Artisan?” You’re probably asking your computer (you really have to stop asking inanimate objects rhetorical questions), “that sounds expensive!” The loaves may be more expensive than the standard loaf-in-bag you normally buy, but most artisan loaves in the bakery don’t come in plastic bags. Try bringing your own cloth bag or clean pillow case to keep the bread fresh-maybe even reuse a plastic bread bag. Bakeries will also slice loaves of bread if you don’t want to sprinkle your house with bread crumbs while trying to cut the loaves. Making your own bread is also a viable option.


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