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HOW TO: Stop Using Paper Entirely (Not really. I’m a writer, I can’t say that)

Once you become aware of how much paper gets wasted, your spidey senses will be tingling all over. Sorry about that.

But there are easy ways to reduce your paper waste.

Paper plates: Don’t use them if you can avoid it. When we have barbecues at home, I use a plate and utensils from inside the house.

Napkins: Find an old bandana or cloth you don’t mind rubbing on your face and use that instead. I carry one of those, folded up in the triangle style I used for plastic bags, along with my Realtree tool. You can wash these however much you want to keep it sanitary, and you can also clean up any spills.

Paper towels: Use the hand dryer if you can, or bring your own cloth towel in your purse or bag. You can also just wipe it on your pants.

Toilet paper: I know, I know, but hear me out. Not using toilet paper is doable, and in a very sanitary and healthy way. I’ll let this link explain it better than I can. Seriously, give it a chance. Stop making that face.


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