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HOW TO: Kindle Your Burning Hatred for Sytrofoam.

Grrrr. I hate Styrofoam. It’s so hard to recycle, and people throw it away all the time without a second thought. It’s best to avoid these entirely.

When you’re at a restaurant and you ask for something to carry your leftovers in, try asking for foil instead, or some other container. You’ll get a lot of weird looks and responses, but eventually people will get used to it. Bringing your own container is a viable option if you know ahead of time that you are going out to eat, but don’t feel too stressed to always carry a container with you. Perhaps you can carry a manageably-sized jar with you or keep one in your car, maybe one left over from lunch (it makes a really good weapon, too, if anyone tries to attack you). You can also try to avoid having left overs entirely, but I’m not going to tell you to stuff your face with food even though you aren’t hungry.

When you are at the supermarket, a lot of products come on Styrofoam trays wrapped in plastic. Try getting all your products from the deli instead, and bring some jars to hold it all. Bea Johnson, creator of the Zero Waste Home blog,says that whenever anybody asks her about the jars she brings to the supermarket, she always just says she doesn’t have a trashcan at home. Totally check out her blog, by the way. She has tips to save on waste in every area of the home, along with lots of other delightful things. She also has a crazy awesome accent (she also has a book).


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