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The Cute Little Vegan Wrap on Hipster Street

If there are any constant things in life, it’s that the internet never works when you need it to, and that I’ll eat everything in a ten mile radius after a workout.

Not everything, but it’s more of a mindlessly-consume-nutrients-kinda-thing.


I’m chronically late for everything, so a lunch sandwich became breakfast.

Vegan wrap (hummus, cous cous, avocado, zuchinni, cucumbers, etc?)

Over-priced hipster cafes are your ambigiously wealthy friend. They almost always have either vegan food, gluten-free food, or a combination of both. It’s a little expensive, but they always have a nice atmosphere. The wrap I got was super yummy, and only has a question mark in the list of ingredients because I didn’t bother to remember all of it’s contents.

Bean salad (navy beans, black-eyed peas, tomato, green pepper, lime juice, olive oil)

It’s attack of the leftovers.

Tomato pie 

It was spinach! Hooray!

Sunrype fruit strip

I’m only putting this on here because it was vegan and had some fruit on the wrapper. And it has 11 grams of sugar. It was free, so meh.


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