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Shop local? More like yes.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh. My. Gosh. People.

I know I haven’t been posting food logs lately, and I’m super sorry about that. It’s been an icky past few days, and I honestly don’t think I’ve been eating that much (we haven’t had a lot of produce in the house, so starving might be a factor).

Before I start off the food log (which is pretty short, only a few things. I’ve been slacking), I just want to talk about shopping locally. A few people in my town recently opened a produce store, and that’s pretty awesome considering I live in a swamp town that’s only punctuation is an airport. Even better, they’re super cheap, and I’m friends with their daughter (which doesn’t make it any cheaper, but it’s the principle of the thing). My sister and I took a walk there for the first time, and let me tell you.

It was magical.

For a grand total of $12, we hauled away

A head of broccoli rabe

Two tomatoes 

A container of donut peaches the guy gave us for free (his name is Ryan. For his kindess I am naming him on my blog. I’m looking out for you, Ryan).

One canteloupe

Two summer squashes

Three limes

A bunch of asparagus

A bunch of celery

Three tangerines

Four plums

Four apples

Wow, doesn’t bolding that emphasize my point? I’m so good at this. I should start a blog. So many people will like it. And I’m not even sure that’s everything. He even offered us some fresh basil from a cute little basil plant he had growing, but I’m really bad with using and storing basil. I geeked out, big time. Now I won’t starve! I can eat so much! Not to mention I just cooked navy beans, black-eyed peas and brown rice for ready-to-eat food. (I threw together the beans and some other veggies to make a bean salad, too). I can eat so much food. So. Much. Food. I’m so excited to try out the broccoli rabe, and I love asparagus so much I replaced the muscles in my arm with it so that it could be a permanent part of me. It’s going to be a great next few days.

In other news, I tried cooking amaranth again…maybe I’m doing something wrong? Maybe the souls of ancient Aztecs don’t like my tattoos, so they’re making sure my amaranth never turns out? Honestly, it’s a little discouraging. I’m going to try letting the grains soak overnight and then cook them, but I’m getting tired of dumping out mushy, undercooked amaranth. If anybody’s got any tips to help out, or if they know a good John Constantine-like fellow who can exorcise the spirits that are following me around, give me a shout out. And if you’re running into the same issues, let me know that, too! We can cry together.

Anyway, food time. I’ve only got a few (read: three) things on the list, so it’s probably not worth listing it off. But hey, like I said: ginldgndlf! The food logs are going to be getting a lot more interesting, I promise.

The best thing I’ve had was the yummy salad I had for lunch. It consisted of greens, green pepper, tomato, chick peas, navy beans, black-eyed peas, carrots, celery, and a little squirt of fresh lime. 

It feels so good to read that and know I actually ate that. I’m so proud of myself. This is what is so great about shopping local: you can get all of this stuff on a regular basis! Now, if you don’t have an affordable produce market that’s only five blocks away, don’t sweat the “squirt of fresh lime” nonsense. In fact, don’t worry about that at all. I know reading things like that on blogs and in cookbooks is really intimidating and discouraging. What? Oh, no. This person keeps fresh lime just as a garnish? I’m nowhere near that fancy. I know how you’re feeling, trust me, but like I said, don’t worry about all that. While it’s nice, and it may make your dishes (even saying dishes makes it seem like I’m a professional, and I’m really not to be trusted, although that’s very flattering) a little healthier, don’t get hung up on limes. As long as your vegan diet is keeping you healthy and happy, go at your own pace and do your own thing. This whole lime thing is probably going to only last a few days, anyway. But probably not. I mean, $12? Even I can afford that, and I’m just a 20-year-old college student.


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