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HOW TO: Tell if your water bottle is conspiring against you.

This isn’t so much a way to cut down plastic use as it is a health tip. Plastic water bottles can deteriorate over time, and if you put them in the sun, the plastic can actually start melting into your water. Yucky. Not to mention plastic water bottles can also start to smell.

On top of that, metal water bottles that have a plastic lid you twist on and off are also bad for you. Microscopic plastic flakes go into your water every time you unscrew the lid, and while they are microscopic, and at least you’re drinking water, overtime this can be really bad for you.

Glass water bottles seem a little too expensive and breakable, but they are a worthy investment. And if you don’t feel like buying one, you can make your own. The water brand Voss sells their water in glass bottles that would look so freaking cute and chic if you made it your own. And that brand is just an example. Glass bottles and jars are everywhere. Literally. Oh God, whTHERE’S ONE RIGHT BEHIND YOU-


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