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Lady parts time

I’m so excited! Ah!

Using pads always seemed so wasteful to me. You have that plastic wrap they come in, and then most of the time the pad is never entirely used, but you have to move on. Ugh.

So I looked up an alternative. And then I found this article by Wellnessmama.Now I’m switiching over. Basically, she says that a lot of pads and tampons have plastics and chemicals in them that are not only bad for the environment but for you, not to mention that tampons can absorb natural fluids in your body and dry out your kitty cat, making infection and discomfort a strong possibility.

Enter the menstrual cup and reusbale pads.

These sound a little gross, and you may have already heard of a menstrual cup. If you havent, I’m about to change your world.

Here’s the Diva Cup, the first brand of menstrual cup I encountered. A menstural cup is essentially exactly what it sounds like. It’s a silicone or rubber cup (Diva Cup is medical-grade silicon) that you insert into your kitty that catches your flow. No drying out, no chemicals. To clean it you take it out, dump out the contents, rinse it, and then reinsert it if need be. You are also supposed to boil it between cycles. These things should last about a year, maybe more. Just read some reviews; they’ve really helped a lot of women.And because you aren’t exposing your sensitive lady parts to chemicals anymore, it will regulate your flow and reduce cramps.

Reusable pads are cloth pads that you just wash. Here’s a set on Amazon right here. The concept sounds a little unsanitary, but as long as you are smart, these puppies will really be your friend. So far the biggest issue I’ve seen is that they slide, so I am still searching for a pack that does not have this issue to an extreme degree.


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