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I haven’t seen a single pair of overalls at the farmer’s market.

Ah, the summer. All the heat, insects and thundershowers really put me in the “dear God, I’m never leaving my house again” spirit.

And oh yeah, farmer’s markets. Those too.

I love farmer’s markets! They’re like natural markets, but everywhere!  And you get to support small business!


Farmer’s markets are really good opportunities to really stretch your fledgling, vegan legs and try out new stuff. You can also bargain with most sellers, too, and steal the free samples at some of the stands. Some locals in my town have actually opened up their own produce store a few blocks from my house, so that’s even better (for me, unless you want their address or something)!

Seize this occasion to really adapt to veganism, as most produce stands sell a healthy variety of produce such as summer squash, cherries, nectarines, eggplants, blueberries, corn, collard greens, avocado, cantaloupe, and so much more. Also, most stands sell their produce for considerably cheaper than the supermarket, and farmer’s markets are really great opportunities to save some plastic and bring your own bags/materials to carry your stuff n’ thangs.

Also guacamole. Most stands have that too. Ooh! Dogs! People bring their dogs all the time!

You should really go.


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