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Do we have to role play as bees to eat this?

Look! More food!

Cheerios and flax seed in almond milk

Remember to grind up your flax seed!

Corn flakes in almond milk

I had ten minutes to eat breakfast, so no flax seed.

Bowl o’ cherries and blueberries

Make sure you get a regular intake of fruits and vegetables that are a part of the rainbow, and don’t be afraid to try for more exotic produce. Different colors of cherries also have different levels of healthy stuff, so don’t forget to do your research. Rainier cherries are the white-ish kind, which have been bred for aesthetics more than nutrition, but they do have a creamier texture and taste.

Trail mix

I’ve been eating trail mix essentially every day because I purchased a pretty large bag of it. I’m planning on making my own, since standard trail mixes arereeeally salty. While that really actually helps curb the cravings for potato chips and other salty snacks, it probably isn’t all that good for you.

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Bowl o’ cherries and watermelon

I’ve been working through a container of cherries I bought at a farmer’s market. I’m actually running out, so I’ll have to get more soon so you all can keep reading the word cherries.

Tomato pie

It’s essentially pizza without the cheese, and it’s surprisingly yummy. I could go for one now, actually. I got it from the pizza place around the corner from mi casa, so I’m betting that the crust isn’t vegan, but that’s alright (the tomatoes probably weren’t either. Or the basil. Wow. Where do I even live?)

Vegan tomato sandwich

Hey, look at that- two tomato-related foods in a row. Look at me go. I should start a blog. A tomato sandwich is essentially just tomato slices and mayo on bread, but in this case I used the vegan mayo I made with tofu (directions in my first food log) instead of regular mayo.



Steamed potatoes with carrots, peas, corn, broccoli, vegan mayo and vegan cheese.

I was going for a vegan baked potato, but then I saw that we were having mixed veggies, so it turned into a bit of a hodge podge. The mayo acted as a sour cream, and it actually worked pretty well. The vegan cheese was, well…you know.

Brown rice with tofu and honey

Weird, right? The tofu was for extra protein, and the honey was to make it less sad. It was actually pretty interesting, but I was also just very, very hungry. I’ll do some research into fun ways to eat brown rice and let you all know.

Mexican veggie quinoa

A Jaco just opened near my college, and it has a drive-thru-walk-in-window-whatever! Jaco is a juice and taco bar, hence the name. Anyway, the bowl has quinoa, black beans, corn, tomatoes and cilantro. It also originally came with cotija cheese, but I just asked for no cheese. Jaco has a surprising amount of vegetarian and vegan options (and a crazy juice list that you simply must check out!).

Baco (from Jaco)

So a baco is one of those crazy juices I was talking about from Jaco. It consists of OJ, carrot and ginger, and it. Was. Scrumptious. They’re a little on the pricey side, but you can even get chia seeds and bee pollen in your juice. “What? Bee pollen?” you’re probably asking right now, but you’re probably not really doing that (although if you really loved me you would. Go ahead. The post will be here, waiting). Anyway, bee pollen is a good source of natural energy for us humans, among other things. It comes in these dry-tasting little yellow pellets. I usually put it in cereal along with flax seeds and chia seeds. Here’s a brief article about it. You can usually buy it from natural markets, stores that sell vitamins, and certain farmer’s markets, depending on the vendor. If super foods are sold somewhere, that certain somewhere probably carries bee pollen.


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